Hello, you asked for some pictures once the Bamboo flooring was installed in my house. I have attached some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Thanks again for the service, s...

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                About Higuera Hardwoods LLC- Company History
Higuera Hardwoods LLC was founded in 2001 to offer you a wide choice of only the finest Moso bamboo products for your environment,  we specialize in bamboo products only to bring you a level of expertise not often seen.
Higuera Hardwoods is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality grade-A bamboo products that include strand woven, solid, click system strand  and engineered bamboo flooring in prefinished and unfinished. Higuera Hardwoods also has a complete selection of bamboo mouldings /trim accessories, bamboo stair parts, bamboo countertops, cross laminated and straight laminated bamboo panels and veneers, chair railings and custom part capability with customer service equal to none.
Higuera Hardwoods is consistently going to great lengths to ensure that our bamboo products are far superior to others on the market, by sourcing the best raw materials, kiln drying, utilizing the proven adhesive technology and ensuring all milling is completed on German machinery.
By manufacturing in the countries of raw material origin sets Higuera Hardwoods apart, this allows us to offer the most competitive prices available for a high quality product. In addition, our regular on-site visit and personal in China assures us that we are always offering the highest quality to our clients. We have also invested a great deal of time and money in guaranteeing that we only utilize the finest machinery and manufacturers that are available.
Higuera Hardwoods opened a new full service manufacturing facility in late 2006. This manufacturing plant specializes in custom and standard floor mouldings, handrails, and stair systems. Higuera Mouldings Ltd only produces and stock grade-A bamboo accessories. In addition, each product is thoroughly inspected prior to shipping to the United States to ensure the highest standards are always present at Higuera Hardwoods.
In addition to Higuera Hardwoods high quality, our products are eco-friendly. We exclusively use Moso bamboo, a type of fast growing grass plant, as our main raw material. Additionally, we have removed all toxic chemicals from our manufacturing process by using a high-quality European adhesive in our laminating process; all emissions meet the E1 standard and are not harmful to the human body. We also use the most abrasion-resistant aluminum-oxide finish coating on our flooring products, which surpasses the American ASTM 4060 standard.
At Higuera Hardwoods, we pride ourselves on our customer service and we stock an unusually large
inventory, we always strive to avoid having our customers wait for any products. We do, however, offer and encourage our customers to order custom products if needed. Customer satisfaction is our priority.
We are also pleased to offer wholesale and contractor accounts to qualified businesses.

Please let us prove the quality of our product by requesting free samples
Thank you for visiting Higuera Hardwoods and please contact us with any of your questions or comments