We recently purchased our natural horizontal bamboo from your company and are extremely pleased with the look and quality. We looked at several companies, but Higuera Hardwood...

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  • Bamboo FAQ

    How do I care for my flooring?
    Take a look at our Bamboo Floor Care Guide

    What kind of finish does Higuera Hardwoods bamboo products use?
    Higuera Hardwoods bamboo flooring products are finished in "matte" shine with seven coats of one hundred percent  aluminum oxide finish that makes it abrasion and spill resistant. We guarantee our finish with a twenty (20) Year residential warranty. There are many companies that promise up to fifty years and more on their warranties, we always caution people that they can say anything on the headlines. The problem with many of these promises is you have company that has only been in business for few years and they are promising you a half a century of product warranty?

    Should I use wax on my bamboo?
    Wax should never be used on Higuera Hardwoods flooring finishes. Our products are designed to be relatively maintenance free.

    What about spills and heavy traffic?
    Higuera Hardwoods lab testing has shown an abrasion resistance and chemical/stain resistance that is one of the toughest found in the wood flooring industry. Multiple chemical solutions were applied to the finish with little to no effect, while abrasion tests show minimal finish loss.

    Can I install bamboo over radiant heated floors?
    HIguera Hardwoods bamboo flooring is completely compatible hydronic (water) radiant heated floor systems and electrical radiant heat systems exclusively utilizing Warm-Up Corp systems as long as the temperature cannot exceed 80° degrees fahrenheit or if the radiant heat system cannot rapidly fluctuate in temperature.

    Can bamboo flooring be sanded?
    Yes, Higuera Hardwoods bamboo flooring products in solid and engineered sands quite easily. The strand woven products can also be sanded, but they are more labor intensive due to the hardness. Higuera Hardwoods flooring can be sanded and refinished up to 3 times depending on the depth of damage; this is due to its full 1/4" thick top layer and solid construction. Many companies offer very think wear layers that offer no ability to be repaired if needed.

    Will it warp or cup?
    No. Higuera Hardwoods bamboo flooring product, even when installed on hydronic or warm-up electrical radiant systems will be fine (please follow guidelines), bamboo will not buckle, cup or warp when properly applied and maintained in accordance with our manufactures installation instructions. Quality bamboo which has been properly kiln dried and laminated it extremely durable for these conditions, we caution you as there is a great deal of what Higuera hardwoods would consider low quality material that will not be suitable for most installations and will cup/warp and crack.

    Can bamboo flooring be glued down, nailed down or floated?
    Higuera Hardwoods bamboo flooring product can be glued down, floated or nailed, depending on what product you choose. (Please see installation guidelines)

    What is the moisture content?
    Higuera Hardwoods bamboo flooring is kiln dried until it reaches a prime moisture content of 6-9%. We maintain this interior moisture content throughout the entire manufacturing process. By controlling the moisture content in the manufacturing process this will ensure a much higher stability in our products for you.

    Do you need to allow for expansion?
    Higuera Hardwoods bamboo flooring product is very stable with regard to expansion or contraction from moisture gain or loss (we have a change coefficient of .00144, lower than almost any wood). However, good practice dictates that an expansion gap of at least ¼ inches be allowed, especially in larger rooms.

    Do we have reducers or other mouldings?
    Higuera Hardwoods maintains a large selection of mouldings, vent covers and stair parts in our warehouse to able to ship quickly to your projects. Many companies may sell you the flooring but they have no ability to match all the extras that are needed for every installation.

    Can it be installed below grade?
    Higuera Hardwood bamboo flooring products can be installed on, above, or below grade, but this requires some sensible precautions. Moisture can be a problem below grade and even when there is little moisture that exists at the time of installation it may develop. A vapor barrier, sleeper system or both should be used for nail down or floating installations and a two part urethane adhesive and sealer should be used for glue down installations.

    What colors are available?
    We offer products that are stained, natural color, “blond" or carbonized color, "Caramel." and a mixed strand. Carbonizing the bamboo involves a cooking and burning process, which creates a darker coloring, there are no stains utilized. The natural bamboo is exactly as it says "natural coloring", natural bamboo has a light blonde look. We offer carbonized and natural in solid, engineered and strand woven bamboo, we also offer the mixed coloring or “Tobago” in the strand woven. Higuera Hardwoods also offer some dark stained material in the solid and hand scrapped engineered.
    The informational items communicated here are intended as suggestions. We recommend that a professional trade person(s) be consulted for the installation and/or maintenance of any flooring product.