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  • Bamboo manufacturing moisture control

    As with all hardwood products, moisture content is of primary importance with bamboo in avoiding common problems such as warping/ cupping or even splitting after installation. Higuera Hardwoods strives to ensure that our bamboo products arrive at the job site with a moisture content of approximately 6-9%. It is possible for this to vary with the ambient humidity of the location where the material is shipped. The moisture control measures that we use in the actual manufacturing process sets an industry standard. We insist that our slats are properly kiln-dried before lamination and stored in a humidity-controlled warehouse while waiting for the lamination process to take place. Most other factories leave their strip in rooms open to the outside, or even outside. The consequences of this can be seen in the poor quality of the finished product.

    The final acclimation procedure is completed after the product is delivered to the job site. We always recommend that the customer allows the bamboo products to acclimate in the room where it will be installed before installation to ensure the products optimal performance.

    (see installation guidelines for more details).