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  • Warmup® Partners with Higuera Hardwoods: Heated Bamboo Floors


     March 8, 2011

    Warmup® Partners with Higuera Hardwoods: Heated Bamboo Floors

    Partnership combines ecological and economical bamboo flooring with economical sole-source heating to meet LEED certification.

    Warmup Inc. has announced a new partnership with Higuera Hardwoods LLC, manufacturers and distributors of quality bamboo flooring products.  This alliance combines the ecological benefits of durable bamboo with Warmup's economically efficient electric floor heating systems.

    Regis Verliefde, Warmup CEO and Joe Gallegos, CEO of Higuera Hardwoods, are merging sustainable bamboo flooring with efficient floor heating systems, providing the perfect answer to LEED certified projects.  Bamboo is an excellent alternative to hardwood, because the rapidly growing grass is as strong as wood, but can be harvested in one-third the time from sustainable sources.  Warmup's energy-efficient radiant heating is an ideal complement.

    Higuera Hardwoods LLC is one of the first US manufacturers and distributors to offer Forestry Stewardship Council approved bamboo products.  They only use Moso bamboo, which is a solid strand woven and engineered grade-A bamboo.  All other associated materials either meet or exceed E1 emission standards and complies with the new California Carb I and Carb II requirements.

    The extensive testing of Warmup's in floor heating system under Higuera Hardwood's bamboo was a success.  After over a year of operation under various conditions in the northwest region of the US, no crimping, cracking or spacing of the planks was noted.  Humidity levels were maintained at a stable rate to provide ideal conditions for the flooring to perform as intended.

    "As an award-winning manufacturer of electric floor heating systems for over 15 years, Warmup has over 1 million installations in 36 countries in both commercial and residential projects" said Verliefde.  "We have invested heavily in building several EN442-2 standard designed test labs to thoroughly test heat energy consumption, heat distribution and installation techniques.  With these measurable results, we can confidently give our customers exact running costs and prove how energy efficient our heating systems are.”

    Warmup's electric radiant floor heating is an ideal technology to address today's heating needs.  It complements the increasing shift toward renewable, cleaner energy from wind, water and biosources to meet global energy targets.  By distributing the heat evenly over the whole floor surface, radiant heat can provide the same level of comfort while operating at lower temperatures, thereby using less energy as well.

    "We are excited to partner with an equally ecologically-minded company like Higuera Hardwoods.  Our products have great synergy to address the growing trend towards green building, decorating and LEED certification." added Verliefde.

    To find how Warmup can heat your bamboo floors, visit www.warmup.com or call 888-927-6333.


    Warmup Inc. is the US arm of Warmup Plc, an award-winning global manufacturer of electric floor heating systems for over 15 years.  The company offers whole-house heating with an affordable, flexible range of CSA and UL-listed under floor heaters.  The tough and thin heating cable has the highest heat output on the market that won't raise floor levels.  They are easy to install under almost any floor surface.  Contact Warmup's Sales Department on 888-927-6333, email us@warmup.com or visit www.warmup.comfor the most up-to-date product information.


    Washington State based Higuera Hardwoods LLC, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality bamboo products.  Their Forestry Stewardship Council approved sustainable products include solid strand woven and engineered grade-A bamboo flooring and accessories.  Associated materials either meet or exceed E1 emission standards and comply with the new California Carb I and Carb II requirements.  With over 150,000 square feet of inventoried flooring and a full stocking line of bamboo moldings, stair systems and panel/veneers and with a decade of experience with installations in healthcare, commercial, hospitality, academic, retail, restaurants and residential facilities.  For more information, visit www.higuerahardwoods,com