We recently purchased our natural horizontal bamboo from your company and are extremely pleased with the look and quality. We looked at several companies, but Higuera Hardwood...

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  • Higuera Hardwoods Mission Statement

    Higuera Hardwoods LLC was founded on and dedicated to a sustainable corporate concept of linked respect and prosperity.
    Our mission goals consists of three inter-related sections:

    Product Mission:
    To manufacture and distribute the finest bamboo products for your environment. Our number one goal is to provide quality products for our customers while creating a wholesome atmosphere for our employees and promoting business practices that respect the environment.

    Economic Mission:
    To operate the company on a sustainable financial basis of manageable profitable growth, while increasing the value of our products for our customers and expanding opportunities for development and career growth for our employees.

    Social Mission:
    To operate the company in a way that continually recognizes the primary role that our business contributes to society by implementing innovative methods to improve the quality of life locally, nationally and internationally.

    The belief that all exist in a manner that demands deep respect for individuals in and outside our country is key to our business goals and policies. We always strive to support the local communities which our company is involved in.

    We have implemented a plan of progressive, non-partisan mission that seeks to meet human needs in our local, national and international communities by involving these problems into our day-to-day business activities. Our focus is on families, the environment and sustainable growth for our raw materials.

    • Capitalism does not create opportunity for everyone equally in every country. We recognize that the gap between the rich and poor in this country and others is wider than any at any other point in history. We work consistently to create economic opportunities abroad and locally for those who have been denied the abilities to provide their own growth and to open new models of economic justice that are sustainable.

    • The manufacturing of products always creates waste; however, we strive to minimize our negative impact on the environment by utilizing the rejected material to make alternate fuels and other building materials.

    • We support sustainable growth forests and safe methods of harvesting that reduce environmental degradation, maintain the productivity of the land over time and support the economic viability of rural communities by always offering fare wages and work conditions.

    We strive to show a deep respect for all human beings and for the environments in which we live in.

    Thank you for allowing us to try and improve our environment, while providing the finest bamboo products for your environment.

    Higuera Hardwoods LLC