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  • How We Make Bamboo Products

    1. Bamboo Raw Material Process

    • Inspect stalk quality and select prime lengths and properly aged material for all Higuera Hardwoods products.
    • Cut to 35-40 feet in the field.
    • Inspect stalks at the factory for proper age, cracking/splitting, pests and general appearance.
    • Select premium section of each stalk for Higuera Hardwoods products and then cut into slats. The remaining pieces are sold to nearby factories for use by other bamboo product companies.

    2. Moisture Control

    • All slats are kiln-dried to confirm proper moisture content of approximately 6-9 %. Many other companies take short cuts at this stage because power is expensive in China.
    • After the slats have been treated in a borate solution to kill pests and mold, they rest in the kiln drying room until they achieve the optimal moisture content. This stabilizes the bamboo to prevent the high probability of cupping, delamination and expansion issues in the end product.

    3. Slat Grading and Sorting

    • All of Higuera Hardwoods slats are hand selected for proper grain quality, coloring and consistency of thickness and length. They are then bundled by their function in the end product (e.g., top "wear" layer or substrate) and inferior slats are sold to other companies.
    • After the slats are planed, they are once again inspected and graded for use as either vertical or horizontal grain products. Only the the highest quality slats with the most consistent grain and color are used for the visible top or "wear" layer. Others form the strong cores or substrates of our products or are rejected and sold to other companies.

    4. Moisture Control

    • All of Higuera Hardwoods kiln dried bundles of slats have a confirmefd moisture content of approximately 6-9 % before lamination.
    • Bamboo is a natural material that, like other hardwood species, absorbs and/or loses moisture based on the humidity content of the air around it. Higuera Hardwoods always invests the proper amount of time to acclimate the slats at the different stages of the manufacturing process so that we can ensure the most durable end product for you.

    5. Lamination

    • Hand check each slat layer for consistent color and thickness before proceeding with adhesive lamination on the hydraulic press
    • Ensure proper adhesive coverage
    • Inspect final top layer once again to ensure that the best slats are presented as wear surface
    • Check hydraulic press plates for cleanliness, pressure and temperature.
    • Inspect blanks (the laminated layers of slats) for potential delamination

    6. Raw Blank Grading and Sorting

    • Inspect, grade and sort planks for voids, delamination, defects and/or inconsistent coloration.

    7. Moisture Control

    • After being stored in a humidity-controlled warehouse, blanks are rechecked for moisture content of approximately 6-9 %.

    8. Milling

    • Planks are inspected to ensure consistent milling tolerances from production run to production run

    9. Sealing and Sanding

    • Inspect tongue-and-groove finish seal.
    • Sand product one time and inspect for sanding quality.
    • Seal tongue-and-groove edge and underside. This is a very important step that helps prevent moisture absorption after installation and ensures a long product life. Many other companies skip this step.

    10. Finish Line

    • Sand planks again before finishing and clean
    • Inspect the 7-coat German aluminum oxide/polyurethane finish coatings

    11. Packaging

    • Inspect for correct type and quantity.
    • Do a final color inspection of planks before packaging.

    Higuera Hardwoods has employees of Higuera Mouldings Ltd in China that oversee the production of all of our product lines for everyday quality control.

    Please feel free to contact us at anytime if we can answer any questions or concerns not addressed here: 1-888-300-2059