Available Colors and Grains

Bamboo Panels/ Plywood- Strand Woven Bamboo- 3-ply -Cross Laminated Core- 4' x 8' x 3/4" Sheets - Available in Natural, Carbonized and Mixed Strand (Tobago/ Tiger)- (FSC) Approved

Higuera Hardwoods has been an industry leader in bamboo for over a decade, Higuera Hardwoods 3/4” strand woven bamboo panels have been manufactured with the finest raw materials and adhesives to ensure ease of use and finishing. Strand woven cross laminated bamboo panels are comprised of three layers, two outside strand woven layers and a cross laminated core consisting of solid bamboo for the durability, stability and beauty that we require in our products.

Strand woven bamboo panels are a great option for cabinetry, furniture, etc.

Coloring: Natural, Carbonized and Mixed strand
Grains: Strand Woven

No Added Urea Formaldehyde-NAUF - (FSC) Forestry Stewardship Certified material